Amsterdam Whitney Gallery

Oct 18, 2014

JOHN LOVEDAY FREEMAN’s one of a kind Sculptural “Marvels” of Canadian wood, magically metamorph to museum caliber grand sculptural treasures.

"Candle in the Wind"
Red Cedar and Steel (light inside) 
24” x 84”

Canadian preservationist sculptor John Loveday Freeman acknowledges that his forms are already formed in the wood as his marvelous wood sculptures metamorph from the inside essence of the wood found in the rain forests and beaches of British Columbia, Canada. Specializing in ‘old growth’ wood from the magnificent Canadian terrains, his one-of— a kind magical treasures are discovered from natural occurrences or remnants of trees cut down by loggers. Naturally formed, no two sculptures are the same and are air-dried for up to six years. Regarded as museum pieces, these unique “Marvels” are environmentally aware as they regenerate into tangible visual expressions which symbolize our cultural heritage. Metaphysically exploring ecological elements of nature, John Freemen wooden sculptures transform and transfigure the wood into enduring organic sculptures as he honors their natural gifts.

Referring to his sculptures as “The Elders,” John Freeman honors these “ancestors,” by capturing their splendor hidden inside the wood. His ecological concern for the organic wood sculptures reveal the sublime nobility of nature’s wood as he preserves the heritage of the natural topography. Impurities are not hidden but refined and accentuated consciously as he believes that it is essential to reveal the true integrity of the material. Truth is strived for- not perfection- and it is found and then integrated into a suitable whole. Revealing the invisible within the visible, his masterful 3-dimensional sculpture “Caught In Time,” may be considered “The world’s oldest naturally formed baseball mitt.” Found on a beach on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, this extremely unique red cedar sculpture was organically sculptured by the natural elements (wind, sand, water) into the shape of a baseball mitt and was actually carved by nature over 500 year ago, well before the game of baseball was even invented (1845-46.)

With titles such as “Candle in the Wind,” “Sage” and “Golden Dragon,” John Loveday Freeman’s wood sculptures reflect the transition from a static object to one that seems to be moving. This regeneration and rejuvenation of the massive wood and the complex topography of the natural terrain, invites us to have an eternal and timeless dialogue with nature. John Freeman’s sculptures are at the same time, works of art, as well as revelations of the soul as they touch on many spiritual levels.

Oct 17, 2014

YVONNE KOROTKY expresses her fervent passion for nature through her ethereal floral works inspired by the sundry natural floral kingdom, painting the lyrical lusciousness of peach blossoms, the glory of irises and and the beauty of roses.

"Only The Beginning"
Acrylic on Canvas
16.5” x 20.25”

New Mexico artist Yvonne Korotky expresses her fervent passion for nature through her luminescent floral series. Inspired by the sundry natural floral of the terrestrial kingdom, she paints a world that she obviously loves, exuding admiration for the floral realm. Through a spectral color palette, she invites contemplation of the lusciousness of peach blossoms, irises and roses as she fuses the imagery of nature with the sensation and emotionality of powerful painterly expressions.

With the gentle paintbrush of a poet, Ms. Korotky encourages us to delight in the timeless appeal of flowers and her tactile and dynamic style depicts the effervescent beauty of purity, infused with a subtle, captivating light. The colors are luminous, uplifting, and elegantly pure, while the brushstrokes are vibrant and forceful, creating images that abound beyond the confines of the canvas. Capturing bright hues of light and color with incredible virtuosity, the richness and density of the pigments create an extravagant palette. Enriched by subtle highlights and muted shadows, Ms. Korotky expresses a deep reverence and understanding of the natural beauty of the world, combining it with a superb spatial and visual awareness.

Exuding radiant light and color, Ms. Korotky’s elaborate images never cease to astound. Her technique is both impressionistic and evocative, conveying a transcendental view of nature. Ms. Korotky’s vision is captured through her profound synthesis of prismatic hues and powerful brushwork, with an unabashed joie de vivre and a unique expression of artistic creativity inspired and enabled by her art and the legacies of Old Masters
Imbuing each scene with a spirit of freedom, even the most quotidian scene is metamorphosed into a subject matter of sublime value and profound beauty. Achieving an emotional balance and a harmony that few of us ever attain, Yvonne Korotky guides from a world of chaos and into a supreme state of beauty and clarity.

Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014

CLIFFORD RILEY’s portraits of the female face and figure are painterly snapshots, illuminating the character and soul with every brushstroke.

"Day Dreaming"
Oil on Canvas
24” x 20”
Influenced by Modern portraiture, Contemporary figure and portrait painter Clifford Riley uniquely portrays detailed facial characteristics by creating emotionally compelling painterly oil on canvas snapshots of each female subject which viscerally illustrate the emotive character and soul of the woman. With emotional weight portraying a dramatic realistic vision, this South Carolina artist’s paintings are filled with the essence of humanity as he captures the multitude of features defining the female face and silhouette. By harmoniously uniting physical and emotional characteristics which engender an exceptional portrait, he defines the inner depths of the persona as he creates an intimacy between the viewer and his subject.  His skillful compositions are like a snapshot, as the viewer can immediately experience the integrity and quality of each portrait’s heart and soul.
Building upon the time honored tradition of figurative art focusing on realistic individualized expression, Clifford Riley’s compositions navigate the liminal space and articulate the tensions that result when referencing worlds both inside and outside of the self.  Discovering beauty with every brushstroke, Clifford Riley’s poignant figural works are loaded with a visual tension as inner dialogs and conflicts linger beneath the brightly animated surfaces. Through striking contrast and bold colors, he creates an intimacy with his subjects, as his saturated hues and evocative forms capture the soul and style of each subject. Painting in bold colors, the lines of the pigments remain clear within the skillful softness of the brushstrokes in both his silhouetted and realistically rendered forms. Transforming the canvas into intoxicatingly arresting portraits, his works refute stereotypical notions of beauty, charting their own bold course as each composition is a poignant portrait of the personality of the person depicted.
Oct 15, 2014

OZLEM MUTAF bridges the cultural gap between East and West by creating unique monotype prints which document the confrontations and issues of a woman’s life, She finds inspiration from personal objects such as jeans and pantyhose to metaphorically symbolize emotional encounters and violence.

Monotype Printmaking on Paper
27.6” x 19.7”
Inspired by this credo, Contemporary Turkish artist Ozlem Mutaf’s monotype prints find inspiration from personal objects, used and worn, revealing their ordinariness, their feelings, and the incidents they witnessed.  Reflecting the inner world and as well as interpreting conflicting passions from the outer world, Ms. Mutaf bridges the  cultural gulf between East and West. An accomplished Turkish professor who is also American educated, she offers monotype prints replete with controversial concepts and intuitive creativity.
Documenting the aesthetics of a woman’s life, Ozlem Mutaf presents her monotype prints as an opportunity to confront the issues and violence that women encounter, whether it be physical or psychological.  Her monotypes are visual metaphors for emotional commitment, as they investigate women’s roles and the drama of our modern, unstable world.  The artist channels her aesthetic expressions through the symbols of pantyhose and jeans which are metaphorical feminine references for our contemporary life. These powerful prints are a contemporary lens exploring women’s place in the contemporary world as she entreats viewers to share her artistic vision, each work incisive and revelatory in showcasing the ever-changing face of the universe around us. Through an emphasis on contrast, proportion and pattern, her emotions and scenic moods are brought forth as her monoprints reflect a connection between the disharmony and balance of the universe.  Conjugating her concerns through the print medium, Ozlem Mutaf’s unique narrative and personal message transcends culture and country as the artist is successful in communicating her reflections, ideas and conceptions.  
Oct 14, 2014

ANDREA LAYBAUER’s digital “Drop Series” reveals the optical reality of a magnified drop of a water as she digitally magnifies the image to interpret the flux status of nature.

"Splash in Purpeen"
32” x 48”

Contemporary digital Brazilian photographer Andrea Laybauer employs digital technology to reveal the reality of a drop of a water.  Her current “Drop” series introduces the viewer eye to view nature with an emboldened “third eye.” By photographing the image, then magnifying the image, Ms. Laybauer’s digital prints express more than mimetic representation by symbolically interpreting the flux status of reality.  The spiritual connection to the natural world remains central to her works, along with a reverence for the rich tapestry of the wonder of nature. Her powerful imagery becomes a visual witness as she captures the eternal mysteries of nature with a timeless wonder. Her large scale digital photography allows the visual force of her images space to develop into visual masterpieces.
One acquires a sense of optical actuality in her works, but instead of limiting her representation to mere vision, Ms. Laybauer presents reality as a visual and sensational space, one that is experienced momentously through temporal duration. In her “Drop” Series, Ms. Laybauer evokes duration through circuitous ellipse formations, morphing static imagery to spiral indefinitely within the composition.  One recognizes the importance of time in understanding the world, realizing that with technology, one does not necessarily recognize the distance remarkably lapsed within moments; time regains autonomy and is actively recognized, in conjunction with space, as a defining characteristic of the contemporary age in Ms. Laybauer’s digital art.
Oct 11, 2014
Oct 11, 2014

ANTONELLA SISSA’s visceral abstract series “Post Fata Resurgo”- “I shall arise after death”- soars like a phoenix to new sensorial heights.

"Work Number 3"
Acrylic, Fabric and Glue on Canvas
39.4” x 39.4”

“Post Fata Resurgo” Series

Gifted Italian artist Antonella Sissa’s visceral abstract series entitled “Post Fata Resurgo” translates to: “I shall arise after death.” Echoing this sentiment, Ms. Sissa’ canvases reflect an arduous journey of creation which soars like a phoenix to unexpected heights featuring acrylic and fabric glued onto canvas. Navigating the viewer to an unchartered visual spectral realm, Ms. Sissa gestural paintings follow an inner quest that allows personal artistic expression to search for freedom in the mysterious labyrinth of life.

Transcending everyday reality, this visionary artist’s canvases conjure vibrant spectrums of human emotion. Transposing visceral expressions into color values and textured forms, her highly personalized paintings reflect an electrifying intensity. With imagination and perception, she extracts the repressed and the invisible, inviting the viewer to contemplate the inscrutable facets of the meaning of our world. An exceptional and enticing universe is revealed in this intrepid and abstract art where fluid forms synthesize into symbolic and expressive color values. A master at color theory, the artist combines a contrasting color palette of primary hues, juxtaposing gallant reds and warm blues against one another resulting in a cornucopia of visual delights. Painterly brushstrokes act as a vortex, drawing the viewer into the dimensional depths of the canvas, reflecting a powerful sense of being. The psychological impact of color is an integral concept for the spiritual contemplation of her paintings, thus allowing an invisible mystical feeling to emanate from within.

The sensorial realm of Antonella Sissa transforms her inner journey of reflection to an other-worldly spiritual dialogue on the existence of the world. By balancing this ethereal aura, her intuitive inspirations include metaphors which mirror the volatile concepts of our ever-expanding contemporary universe. Recreating her memories into abstract evocations of life, she employs aesthetic beauty to conjure the stratifications of remembrance and recollection to explain the journey of life.

Oct 9, 2014

GRETA STAPF WATERMAN’s powerful vision of semi-abstracted figurative compositions intermixes a bold sense of line, color and movement which incorporates elements of Cubism and Expressionism, as she masterfully orchestrates these figurative groupings into vibrant compositions that produce a prismatic labyrinth of spectral colors


"The Group"
Oil on Canvas
36” x 24”

Picasso proclaimed: “There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterwards you can remove all traces of reality. There’s no danger then, anyway, because the idea of the object will have left an indelible mark.”  With an impressive amount of versatility, Greta Stapf Waterman expresses a powerful vision in her abstracted figuration compositions intermixing a bold sense of line, color and movement which incorporates elements of Cubism and Expressionism.  Masterfully orchestrating these figurative groupings, her vibrant compositions transform these styles to produce a prismatic labyrinth of spectral colors that are compositionally rewarding.  A commanding gestalt radiates saturated hues which contest with one another for visual prominence, resulting in dynamic configurations overflowing with overwhelming bursts of color.    
A visionary creator, Ms. Waterman is a master colorist painter in her own expressive and painterly idiom, and is a proponent of the absolute joy of the gestural stroke. Her mosaic figural compositions are at once rhythmic, interdynamic and cacophonous as they convey a passion for life. Whether expressing abstract concepts or rendering human figures, each image reverberates with a sense of space, light and physicality that pulls viewers in with a centrifugal force. Orchestrating a symphony of figurative forms, she creates jewel toned, vibrantly colored oil and oil pastel works that are mosaics of the color spectrum. Characterized by degrees of complexity, Ms. Waterman’s arrangements of dramatic forms and robust color do not convey the way we look in reality, because there is no way to represent what creates each one of us.  Her magnifying glass reflects the point and counterpoints of the human psyche as the viewer is drawn deeper into this dazzling universe of color and shape.
Oct 8, 2014

ZOE ANN FISCHER’s ethereal dream-like reverie landscape tableaux reveal organic lyrical, topographical themes of beauty, harmony and enlightenment, while achieving a sense of spirituality and love as they celebrate the peaceful joy of light within the natural universe.

"Into the Woods"
Oil on Canvas
16” x 20”

Renoir declared, “An artist, under pain of oblivion, must have confidence in himself, and listen only to his real master: Nature.” Contemporary painter Zoe Ann Fischer creates dream-like landscapes brimming with dynamic vitality, painting the vibrant essence of the natural kingdom through her dynamic brushwork and multifaceted application of spectral colored hues. Her landscape reverie tableaux reveals organic topographical themes of beauty, peace and enlightenment, achieving a sense of spirituality and love, while reflecting the ethereal joy of the natural universe and are lyrical fantasies reflecting an artist who has dedicated herself to works that are at once inspirational and evocative. Through ethereal composition and an adroit use of a delicate color palette and deft brushwork, gorgeous scenes of clouds, hills, mountains and the terrain emerge as Zoe Ann Fischer conveys a worldly vision of peace and harmony. In her magical creations, romanticism combines to create a mystical realm where there is evanescent color and a different path to light.
Tangible and intangible imagery emerge in her semi-abstract luscious landscapes, that when viewed at a distance, metamorphosize into studies of color and light. Fascinated by the light, this absorption is expressed in her artwork – an exploration of the variations and permutations of light which becomes a hallmark of the artist’s reverie landscape paintings. The viewer is invited to pursue a fascinating journey through the light which may symbolically represent a hope, a dream, or an absolute truth. The resulting images are highly contemplative, inspiring an almost meditative response from the viewer.
Serenely poetic, the paintings of California Zoe Ann Fischer harmoniously blend the aesthetics of art with colorful portrayals of nature. Imbued with creativity and tender tranquility, her brushwork infuses a rainbow palette of hues into the prosaic, softly creating landscapes that are rendered with a gentle beauty. Such poignant depictions illuminate the profound spiritual interconnectedness and mystery of nature, concepts which form a nexus of visual expression which transcend the mundane and reveal the exceptional aspects of our universe.