Amsterdam Whitney Gallery

Sep 27, 2014

MANUELLA MUERNER MARIONI’s visionary expressionist compositions & mosaic sculptures are infused with kaleidoscopic color & voluptuous shapes.

Acrylic with Mixed Media on Canvas 
40” x 30”

Manuella Muerner Marioni’s innovative paintings and compelling sculpturesare incarnations of humanity reverberating with vivid sweeping lines, flowing forms and dreamlike patterning. With superb gestural amplitude, bold shapes, illuminated pigments and glimmering light, her dynamic, visionary compositions are infused with kaleidoscopic color and voluptuous shapes. Tactile and deeply textured, her exuberant painting and sculptures are characterized by effervescent imagery, expressionistic narratives and replete with leaping color.

Inspired by her immensely creative mind, Ms. Marioni creates works of art which radiate with an individualistic identity unto themselves. Ms. Marioni possesses a rare skill set that includes meticulous brushwork, a keen eye for color, and a wonderful sense of composition. Her stunning paintings are entrancingly graceful, alluringly rich in tactile texture and detail, as she captures thought and emotion. Forming theoretical shapes into a context that is surprising to the viewer, her images are so three-dimensional that they urge the viewer to reach out to touch them. Ms.Marioni’s paintings and sculptures defy our expectations of her medium, as the polished surfaces of her works blur the borders of matter and its surrounding environment, interweaving dazzling reds which intermingle with glowing blues and intermix with a variety of spectrum of colors, explodes with a joie de vivre.

The figures she portrays through the folds of paint are filled with dynamism and movement, as they twist and twirl across the canvas. The end result of Ms. Marioni’s complex creative process is a stunning work of pure beauty and magic. Her expertise of the medium is clearly exhibited in the way that the whole piece flows together. The colors and dimensions alter, and figures and shapes begin to emerge from the canvas. Ms. Marioni creates a brilliant challenge for the viewer by forcing them at once to understand the painting and sculpture behind its transformation.

Internationally acclaimed, award winning artist Manuella Muerner Marioni is a native of Switzerland. Extensively exhibiting throughout Europe as well as the U.S., her artwork is treasured in public and private collections worldwide. Amsterdam Whitney Gallery is proud to showcase the paintings of this Master Artist.

Sep 26, 2014

TED MARTLAND ‘s organic hanging kinetic mobiles of spheres & disks rotate in space boldly reflecting changing perspectives, colors & shapes.

24” x 21”

Contemporary sculptor Ted Martland imagines the universe as a space of perpetual motion through his kinetic colorful, organically shaped mobiles, designed to delicately react to surrounding atmospheric conditions, symbolically expressing the dynamic energy of the universe. The viewer may interpret the various changing relationships of the elements of these colored spheres and disks which rotate in space, resulting in a delicate equilibrium radiating a multitude of visual formats.

Masterfully manipulating industrial materials into organically nebulous shapes, Dr. Ted Martland juxtaposes forms to create complex mobile structures reminiscent of Joan Miro’s fantastical Surrealist anthropomorphic paintings. Polymorphic shapes playfully sway above one’s natural perspective. Although the saturated designs appear to be purely aesthetic, all individual shapes within each distinct mobile are scientifically designed by Dr. Martland to act as structures aiding in the development of the whole; each part serves a strategic balancing purpose, sustaining the harmonious equilibrium each mobile visually portrays. These myopic objects react to their surroundings, as they retain autonomous individuality as they react to air currents, wind and other environment conditions which induce motion, creating a symbiotic relationship between reality and plastic production. With Dr. Martland’s mobile sculptures, he extends the boundary of movement one step further, by allowing his fantastical objects which symbolize speed to actually move themselves.

Dr. Ted Martland’s mobile sculptures become nexus of light where the equilibrium of shape, size, color and space combine in shifting balanced relationships that provide a visual metaphor to the harmonious but unpredictable activities of life and nature. His works of art suggest that we not be grounded in day-to-day life, but pursue our goals with an eye toward freedom and spirituality.

Sep 25, 2014

MAURO MARTIN ‘s “Neo-Classical Nude” photography series heralds from a tradition of the centuries’ old quest to depict the beauty of the nude female figure as he probes the complexities of the female silhouette and reconsiders the notion of the traditional nude.

"Nymph in Love"
Photography Printed on Paper & Pasted on Aluminum Plate 
Limited Ed 1/12 
19.7” x 29.5”

The Italian based photographer Mauro Martin reconsiders the notion of the traditional nude in his recent “Neo-Classical Nude” Series and in a cultivated fashion, his photography series embarks on a journey to document the complexities of the neo-classical nude. His images herald from a tradition of the centuries’ old quest to depict the beauty of the nude female figure and Professor Mauro Martin uses that notion as the core theme. Instilling in these photographs a vitality and sophistication reminiscent of that of timeless paintings, his highly aesthetic tonalities, as well as the composition, creates a ground- breaking series of conceptually as well as formally salient photographs.

Mauro Martin’s masterful manipulation of the lens captures a unique vision onto a simulacrum that today’s society overlooks. In today’s image-driven age, women often question their desirability and continuously aim for unachievable perfection. By unveiling our human insecurities, this riveting series assures that beauty does not fade with time. Every supple curve and indentation found upon the body is a powerful tale of the body’s journey through life. The viewer is able to find confidence in this women baring whose poses recall the contrapostos and reclines of the beauties of centuries before them.

Sep 24, 2014

TAMMY McKINLEY’s optically revealing digital photography mounted on aluminum introduces the viewer to a confluence of nature and technology, as she explores visionary complexities, enabling us to have a physical, psychological and spiritual connection with our universe.

"Assisi Door"
Photography on Aluminum Metal 
36” x 24”

Inspired by Ansel Adams statement: “Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art.” Contemporary Florida photographer Tammy McKinley’s striking photographic collection demonstrates the vast creative power of photography. Masterfully illustrating how the camera can wondrously capture everyday scenes and objects that have often been overlooked, Ms. McKinley’s imaginative “Third Eye” magically transforms these scenes into incredibly stunning works of art as she soars to the apex of the sublime. Optically revealing, Tammy McKinley expands the viewers’ personal vision, enabling us to have a physical, psychological and spiritual connection with our universe.

Introducing the viewer to a confluence of nature and technology, Tammy McKinley’s expert lens grasps cutting edge technologies which enable her images to explore visionary complexities. Available as digital prints mounted on aluminum, each work marks a point on the artist’s personal journey through life. Interested in the interaction of the physical and non-physical worlds, Ms. McKinley incorporates sophisticated digital techniques to illustrate a unique perspective. Her photography distills the image and freezes the scene, thus encouraging the viewer to understand that beauty and plainness have the same value and need for recognition. By synthesizing de facto and remembered experiences, her prescient eye juxtaposes wondrous settings with a freedom of vision, as she offers an endless visual conversation with the world, capturing it, piece by piece, moment by moment.

Gifted and deeply passionate about her craft, Tammy McKinley encourages the viewer to look anew at life, resulting in visions of unexpected beauty. The recipient of numerous photography awards, Tammy McKinley is currently the Staff Photojournalist for Hearst Community Newspapers. Her prized photography is held in private collections throughout the U.S. and Amsterdam Whitney Gallery is proud to shine the spotlight on this rising star.

Sep 23, 2014 / 4 notes

FERNANDO SALMON translates his creative visions to the digital form and creates complex colorful geometric equations that reveal a breathtaking scope of color and illumination unmatched in verve as he innovatively displays a full spectrum of dazzling color, line, texture, and light.

Abstract Digital Photography Limited Edition 1/3
39.36” x 39.36”

Contemporary Spanish photographer Fernando Salmon imbues his ground breaking digital photography with a sense of emotion that transcends the picture plane, enveloping the viewer in the majesty of his awe-inspiring compositions. With a virtuosic manipulation of digital photography and imagery, his masterful lens is inspired by bold iconography as he juxtaposes dynamic line, emblazoned color and form to create pulsating geometric forms.

Translating his creative visions to the digital form, Spanish artist Fernando Salmon creates complex colorful geometric equations that reveal a breathtaking scope of color and illumination unmatched in verve. His compositions ingeniously synthesize into dazzling line, texture, and light, as he effortlessly captures the movement and the dynamism of the world. By the employment of volumetric displacement and the deliberate use of accentuated scale, Mr. Salmon’s oeuvre illustrates flashes of bustling visceral dynamism. Colors are always vivid and energy jolts across the compositions as a dynamic symphony of light and shadow is revealed. Ultimately, his artwork is concerned with a certain beauty of infinite energy defined by dramatic lighting, vibrant contrasts and textural resonance, each photograph elevates the viewer’s mind to a state of sublime aesthetic splendor.

Sep 19, 2014

PETRA SKOPALOVA’s fantastic geometric articulations of energy and emotion are the centrifugal force which blends pure geometric forms along with vibrant dazzling hues as she achieves a brilliant balance through the synthesis of pattern and line to form brilliant visual color fields.

"Parallel Relationships"
Acrylic on Canvas 
47.24” x 31.5”

Inspired by the philosophy that “Color speaks all languages,” Czech Republic artist Petra Skopalova’s fantastical articulations of bold colorful energy and visceral emotion are the centrifugal force of her abstract oeuvre. By blending pure geometric forms along with vibrant dazzling, kaleidoscopic hues, this international artist employs careful combinations of color, line and form to form breathtaking compositions. Prague-based, Petra Skopalova achieves a brilliant balance through the synthesis of pattern and line from her visual color fields. With clean geometric shapes that stack and fold, swivel, meet and recede into void space, she renders embolden pictures in the virtual visual plane. With painterly ease, she accentuates the powerful qualities of simple forms bursting with color, as Ms. Skopalova breathes fresh life into the geometric mechanics of space and time.

Intersecting geometric spirals, spheres and rectangles intermingle with a variety of other shapes and motifs, which appear in patterns that are repeated and highlighted through the powerful use of light and color. By shifting colors slightly, or changing perspectives by even the smallest degree, the impression made by an object or shape, cast new shade of meaning over each image. With a reverence for color, her latest works highlight her genius as a colorist and as a master of texture as color is of the utmost importance, more so than subject matter. As a colorist, she is a virtuoso in using the full range of palette, creating vibrantly orchestrated blocks of color, which demand attention. This striking interplay of colors is portrayed significantly and sets a stunning contrast to the generally serene subject matter, creating moods and stirring emotional responses from the viewer.

Sep 13, 2014 / 1 note

DOROTHEE VERMAATEN’s visual lexicons are abstract emotional prisms that boldly explode into an expressive, richly tactile surface which are alive with pigment and texture and dynamically morph into gestural suggestions of semi-abstract figures, offering a sense of memory and narrative.

"Noctilucent Clouds" 
Acrylic on Canvas 
31.5” x 47.25”

Boldly expressive, with a rich and tactile surface alive with pigment, her dynamic brushstrokes morph into gestural suggestions of semi-abstract figures, offering a sense of memory and narrative. As she builds her oil on canvas oeuvre, her work synthesizes into personal emotional prisms which explode into a blend of abstract movement and texture. The artist’s process is at once intuitive and spontaneous as she draws upon internal inspirations and carefully reworks each detail to reflect her unique inner vision.

Transcending the limitations of the everyday, German-based Dorothee Vermataan’s abstract oeuvre offers brilliantly colored forms and compositions that defy the very notion of boundaries and borders. Enriching her canvases with vibrancy and vitality, her unique visual lexicon invites viewers on an emotional journey of color, exploring in paint experiences of the world. Painted with panache and an acute passion for color, she employs generous spectral brush strokes which are boldly expressive, resulting in a rich and tactile surface alive with pigment. Amongst the visceral brushstrokes emerge occasional hints of figures, offering a sense of memory and narrative. The artist’s process is at once intuitive and spontaneous as she draws upon her initial inspirations and carefully reworks each detail to reflect her inner vision. This fluid choreography of painterly gestures and hues are juxtaposed to become the catalyst which empowers her canvases to become excitingly alive. Through contrasting colors, she imparts the essence of amorphous forms as she captures singular, meaningful moments that define her impression of the world. Expanding our worldview, Dorothee Vermataan’s demonstrates a diversity of emotional experiences in each of her abstract works by creating her own reality that it unconstrained by rules or conventions.

Sep 12, 2014

FRANCE MALO creates exuberant semi-abstract figurative compositions which energetically extoll the active life by capturing animated body movements and culminates in radiating a joie de vivre that mirrors the essence of the individual.

“Figurine” I, II 
Acrylic and Polymer on Canvas and Cut Wood
28” x 9” x 2”
28” x 12” x 2”

France Malo creates exuberant figurative compositions with a semi-abstract approach to the form that culminates in truly innovative contemporary artworks. Mirroring the essence of the individual, Ms. Malo simultaneously injects her compositions with personal energy. By capturing animated body movements and attitudes, she centers her dynamic oeuvre on the bold activity of her compelling forms, which offer a dynamic, fun and exhilarating style. Extolling the active life, each energetic brushstroke is imbued with a rich, burning intensity along with an exciting sense of artful energy and joie de vivre. 

Through body language, this Canada based artist creates images of anonymous, abstracted figures who express the emotion and drama. By delineating the forms with strong outlining of their bodies, this gifted artist allows the figures to blend harmoniously within the background of her kinetic works. The artist creates visual metaphors for her mysterious figures, as they lack a certain identity. Her amorphous figures are attenuated and distorted, complementing the abstract elements in her works. By doing so, her compositions exude a high degree of animation with captivating instants of excitement

By focusing on the fundamental movement of the figure, Ms. Malo gracefully keeps the viewer’s attention on the entirety of the composition, allowing the overall beauty of the simple forms to truly be absorbed and appreciated. Taking familiar elements and elevating them to a heightened state of simplicity and grace, they spring from a fountainhead of superb creativity, portraying lifelike human figures within a fantastic, dream-like abstract universe. Her marvelous artwork masterfully explores how the eye perceives reality. In each work, she deftly manipulates form and perspective, resulting in exquisitely elegant compositions. By placing her human subject matter in surreal environments, Ms. Malo prompts the spectator to question their own understanding of reality. All of her figures are delineated in a pure, expressionist manner that relies on bold lines. By focusing on the fundamental features of each form, Ms. Malo gracefully keeps the viewer’s attention on the entirety of the tableau, allowing the overall beauty of the forms to truly be absorbed and appreciated. Ms. Malo takes familiar elements and elevates them to a heightened state of artistic splendor, invigorating the spectator with her outstanding paintings. 

Sep 11, 2014

JOSEPH O’NEILL’s masterful black and white urban-industrial photography offers a monochrome arcade of life, encapsulating the aesthetics of a modern romantic and mirrors the irrepressible energy of the world as he celebrates the possibility of the unexpected in urban life

"Greek Tragedy"
Digital Photography
Limited Edition 1/10
11” x 17” (framed 13” x 19”)

Joseph O’Neill’s innovative “Third Eyephotography skillfully illuminates sites and scenes that the normal vision easily overlooks. Across a monochrome arcade of life, his masterful black and white urban photography encapsulates the aesthetics of a modern romantic and mirrors the irrepressible energy of the world as he celebrates the possibility of the unexpected in urban life. Urban and industrial in tone, he begins with a nocturnal photograph of an ordinary building or street scene or beach scene and offers a close-range, almost intimate view of scenes of the environment. Rather than offering a wider view of an entire edifice, his sharp lens synthesizes every detail and is unerring – the work constantly demands that the viewer go outside and see their “ordinary” surroundings with better eyes
A master at manipulating the lens, Joseph O’Neill’s intuitive vision shines the spotlight on often overlooked urban beauties such as alleyways or tops of buildings, and showcases details of these edifices where there are often no people or even animals, only the living, breathing city.  With a sense of drama, this New York photographer’s powerful oeuvre offers the sites and scenes of the world, dramatically highlighting in sharp black and white architectural forms with a clean and sharp visions. Employing dazzling dark and shimmering light contrasts, the artist brings dynamic movement and a sense of shifting light as he offers each locale a life of its own, offering a close, almost confrontational range. The sharpness of his nocturnal images best illustrated the skilled photographer’s finely developed sense of light and composition. With an intuitive vision, his oeuvre vividly envelopes the senses, inviting the viewer to re-think the images of the world as his film sees it, encouraging them to enter his environment and experience the view.
Sep 10, 2014

WU YUAN’s elegant mist-shrouded rice & ink compositions on Chinese Rice Paper ethereally transcend time and place and are an illuminated dream-like terrain incorporating memory, history, and emotionality as they celebrate the eternal quality of beauty.

"Time Flies I"

Chinese Ink on Rice Paper

28.4” x 15.8”

The hallmark motifs of contemporary Chinese artist Wu Yuan are ethereal paintings which reflect a meeting point of memory, history, and emotionality.  Rooted in the ageless tradition of Chinese Ink on Chinese Rice Paper, her inner artistic vision is inspired by this classic art form as she opens doors to memories of the past. The sense of memory and reflection finds expression in the air of quietness that pervades her compositions and yet, she modernizes the ancient tradition, imbuing it with a heartfelt essence of truth and beauty. This renewal revives and revises the art, breathing new spirit into an archetypal form.
Interested primarily in the representation of beauty, her art translates the abstracted realms of emotion and feeling as she configures them with a postmodern trend, inviting the viewer to seek beauty within his own life. Elegantly capturing a magical, mystical universe, Ms. Yuan’s mist-shrouded compositions gleam with an illuminated sense of delicate softness as she fashions an atmospheric and dreamlike terrain.  Her lyrical compositions combine a sophisticated mélange between abstraction and representation as she focuses on the universal language of form and line.
Characterized by a surrealistic fascination with free spirited animals, such as a deer or a horse who become fantastical through her skillful brushstrokes, her lush compositions and deft use of layered ink washes, faithfully capture the spirit and mood of fantasies.  With the careful balance of illuminated colors combined with her intricately patterned background, Wu Yuan’s works encapsulate a strong sense of serenity.  Bridging a gap between reality and other-worldliness, the use of Chinese Ink infuses her work with a soft body of color and further creates an airy character allowing her subjects to float in a space that seems to cradle them. China-based Wu Yuan visually articulates the sublime balance of eternal timelessness interjected with a heightened sense of creative energy, coupled with an individualistic approach to art.