Amsterdam Whitney Gallery

Aug 29, 2014

AGNES PARCESEPE’s magical cityscape harbor vista paintings of Australia and New York reunite the world through the universal language of natural panoramas

"Fiery Skies Over New York"

Mixed Media

24” x 42.5”

Drawing inspiration from Shakespeare’s adage: “One touch of nature… makes all the world kin,” Australian artist Agnes Parcesepe’s cityscape paintings of Australia and New York reunite the world through the universal language of natural panoramas. United by her profound love of two international metropolises- Melbourne and New York- her magical cityscape paintings with their enchanting picturesque global vistas poetically translate a communal narrative of personal iconography based on the harbor vistas of these two great cities. Both New York and Australia are the land of immigrants, where the sun, the sky, the water and city belong to all, each united by an infinite horizon which is symbolic of infinite opportunities. By capturing each city’s horizon, she channels the dynamism of these cities and treasures the eternal beauty of their skies which becomes the metaphysical axis that draws the spectator into her world. 

Also known by her nom d’artiste,”Agili,” her dioramas burst with explosive vitality as she invites viewers across distant locales, each located on a separate continent. Paying homage to the timeless beauty of the sky, the water and the land, Ms. Parcesepe’s compositions are rich with artistic communication and visual perspectives. Her cityscape dioramas are lyrical metaphors for community, existing as a symbol to abridge distance between locations. Inspired by the universal language of art, she symbolically expresses a means of reconnecting and communicating between far reached places.

Aug 29, 2014

SEPTEMBER “Chelsea - Great Gatsby Roaring 1920’s” Exhibition



AMSTERDAM WHITNEY GALLERY, 511 West 25th Street, Chelsea, New York City, is proud to showcase in its exhilarating AUGUST 29-SEPTEMBER 30, 2014 exhibition leading Contemporary Master Artists whose works explore the abstract, figurative and natural worlds, exalting the realm of the aesthetic through brilliant coloration and dazzling form. This special exhibition and “Chelsea Roaring 1920’s ~ Great Gatsby” Gala Champagne Reception inaugurates the Opening of the Chelsea Fall Art Season and offers an exhilarating visual synthesis which assiduously captures the senses of both art acquisitors and art aficionados alike with its scintillating regeneration of the visual realm. Pulsating with dynamic synergy and dazzling artistic creativity, these artists’ sophisticated, eclectic and joyful representations of the world shine the spotlight on a universal artistic language. Compelling, lively and emotive, these works resonate through the medium of our shared humanity by celebrating the human spirit and connecting with fundamental aspects of identity.

METAMORPHIC POLARITIES presents four global perspectives through the diverse talent of artists from Canada, Hong Kong, Czech Republic and Germany who spectrally explore non-objective representation through spontaneity, dynamism and the compelling juxtapositions of forms. Sensationally expressing the energy of the world, their brilliant gestural brushstrokes and huetopian color palettes express the spontaneity of journeys into newfound places. CF. LAU explores the influence of both East and West in his fluid, semi abstract paintings by breathing new life into the ancient tradition of nature painting by integrating nature and harmony as he captures an intimate vision of the inner experience of nature.  FRANCE MALO creates exuberant semi-abstract figurative compositions which energetically extoll the active life by capturing animated body movements and culminates in radiating a joie de vivre that mirrors the essence of the individual. PETRA SKOPALOVA’s fantastic geometric articulations of energy and emotion are the centrifugal force which blends pure geometric forms along with vibrant dazzling hues as she achieves a brilliant balance through the synthesis of pattern and line to form brilliant visual color fields. DOROTHEE VERMAATEN’s visual lexicons are abstract emotional prisms that boldly explode into an expressive, richly tactile surface which are alive with pigment and texture and dynamically morph into gestural suggestions of semi-abstract figures, offering a sense of memory and narrative. 

MIRRORS of the INVISIBLE captures moments of stasis, accentuating the poetry and tension hidden in sculpture, mobile and mixed media mediums by imbuing purely psychological subjects with a sense of reality and substance. With their unfailing eye, these works synthesize information ranging from reality and cross-referencing imagination, while creating a fragmented space that hovers between the possible and the impossible.  PETER DALLOS’s "Struggle" Series are sculptural imageries inspired by historical references morphing into metaphorical symbols of man’s challenges as he encounters the chaos of the world.  TED MARTLAND creates dazzling mobiles comprised of organic, simple shapes that float delicately above as they enchant the viewer through perpetually changing perspectives, colors and shapes. MANUELLA MUERNER MARIONI’s kaleidoscopic paintings and intuitive sculptures combine representation and painterly abstraction as she constructs masterful works that are infused with elements that transform the commonplace into a poetic interpretation. 

MAGNASCOPIC ARTosphere explores the global legacy of world-wide topography as observed by three gifted international artists hailing from Canada, Australia and China.  Their reverie of dream-like landscape paintings are infused with inventive narratives as they address intimate worlds of chromatic color along with textile brushstrokes.  Suggesting both a physical and psychological landscape, their luminescent works convey both a powerful physicality juxtaposed with a harmonious spirituality. PATRICIA NEDEN’s powerfully colored and dynamically textured abstract tableaux draws inspiration from the synchronicity of nature and its turbulent geographic tempo as she reveals an inner harmony within the complexity of her layered forms. AGNES PARCESEPE’s magicalcityscape harbor vista paintings of Australia and New York reunite the world through the universal language of natural panoramas reflecting her profound love of two international metropolises, Melbourne and New York, by reflecting their enchanting picturesque global vistas as she poetically translates a communal narrative. WU YUAN’s elegant mist-shrouded rice & ink compositions on Chinese Rice Paper ethereally transcend time and place and are an illuminated dream-like terrain incorporating memory, history, and emotionality as they celebrate the eternal quality of beauty.

APOTHEOSIS of the EYE is a ground-breakingphotography exhibition that references a plurality of international artists from Italy, the U.S. and Spain whose camera lens and digital computer oeuvre focuses on a self-created reality personified by individualized expression. Navigating the liminal space between observation and abstraction, these talented artists articulate the beauty and tension that results when reflecting worlds that exist both inside and outside of the self.  MAURO MARTIN ‘s “Neo-Classical Nude” photography series heralds from a tradition of the centuries’ old quest to depict the beauty of the nude female figure as he probes the complexities of the female silhouette and reconsiders the notion of the traditional nude. TAMMY McKINLEY’s optically revealing digital photography mounted on aluminum introduces the viewer to a confluence of nature and technology, as she explores visionary complexities, enabling us to have a physical, psychological and spiritual connection with our universe. JOSEPH O’NEILL’s masterful black and white urban-industrial photography offers a monochrome arcade of life, encapsulating the aesthetics of a modern romantic and mirrors the irrepressible energy of the world as he celebrates the possibility of the unexpected in urban life.  FERNANDO SALMON translates his creative visions to the digital form and creates complex colorful geometric equations that reveal a breathtaking scope of color and illumination unmatched in verve as he innovatively displays a full spectrum of dazzling color, line, texture, and light.


Aug 1, 2014

JIWON CHA’s boldly painted organic non-representational oeuvre explores vibrant geometric shapes that are placed against neutral backgrounds.

"Find the Light" II 
Acrylic on Panel
51” x 51”

Contemporary rising star Jiwon Cha paints visceral transformative organic compositions, transcending the requirements of everyday reality to create a world characterized by a poetic economy of expression that can be alternately transporting and meditative. Featuring geometric forms, her oeuvre highlights the intensity of the human emotive experience and is a passionate fusion of unique linear juxtapositions intermingling with geometric forms, as rich, expressive layers of paint contribute to a level of dimensionality. Metamorphosing into mesmerizing compositions, her tableaux is imbued with an emotional visual vocabulary of spiritual revelation as she communicates her unique artistic vision of vibrant parallel realities. Magnetically drawing viewers inward, Jiwon Cha invites contemplation, both intellectually and emotionally with her work, as her masterful paintings are free of boundaries.

Tempting the edge of non-representation, Jiwon Cha blends the marvels of abstraction along with the tactile wonders of the three-dimensional world resulting in visceral canvases that evoke expressive emotional responses from the viewer. Replete with a dazzling color palette along with rich textures that incorporate geometric lines and forms, Jiwon Cha synthesizes the perfect aesthetic environment where color and movement in space crystallize to create entirely new abstract vistas that invite the viewer to look beyond what is seen. Aesthetically and spiritually transcending the natural world, her geometric abstracts can be alternately viewed as Spartan in their restraint or baroque in their richness. These non-objective works are anchored by dynamic lighting and the notion of movement is compellingly conveyed.

Jul 31, 2014

DOROTHY SLIKKER captures the magic of the interior natural environment with luminescent still life paintings that hypnotically sing with beauty and encapsulate the nostalgic, special moment of life, exuding a mystical power that resonates with the harmony of nature.

"Fruit of the Vine" 
Oil on Canvas 
18” x 24”

Dorothy Slikker captures the magic of the interior natural environment with luminescent still life paintings that hypnotically sing with beauty and encapsulate the nostalgic, special moment of life. Glowingly and arrestingly, her magnificent still life jeweled compositions magnetically reflect a sublime, dream-like aesthetic environment where gently radiant colors luxuriate to exude a mystical power, powerfully bringing harmony to the still life compositions and reaffirm the essence of nature.

In a world that is constantly changing, Dorothy Slikker feels a need to record nature, as she freezes the eternal moment and translates the ephemeral into art with her lush, atmospheric still life paintings. A fanciful fascination with illuminated patterns coupled with masterful coloration, places her in the tradition of the great Dutch Masters as she immortalizes everyday objects, expressing their joy with visionary light and a rich gamut of magical color. A virtuoso colorist, she intermixes the full spectrum of the color palette which intermingles to contribute to the hypnotic power of her oeuvre. These visual poems of spiritual intensity inspire her viewers to have a direct relationship with the tangible objects on canvas. Introducing decorative elements such as intertwining plants, flowers, fruits and vases to her compositions, they enliven the intangible emotions of her audience. Less evident, but equally important, is a feeling of intimacy as she integrates daily life into her paintings which resonate with grace and sensitivity. Offering a more contemporary take on the time honored still life genre, Ms. Slikker masterfully encapsulates the naturalist still life and the overall sense is one of contemporary emotions breaking free within the polite restraint of history’s drawing room.

Jul 30, 2014

ANN GORES’s enchanted eye and genius colorist paintings offer a rendezvous with the floral realm, culminating in the pinnacle exhibition of her career.


Oil on Board
12” x 12”

Ann Gores’s enchanted eye views the world with an extravagant indulgence as her palette luxuriously connects with nature. Influenced by her love of nature and the powerful dynamics of the terrestrial realm, this Washington-state artist has an eternal rendezvous with the natural kingdom as she seeks to capture the beauty and mystery of the floral world. Ms. Gores’ latest collections represents the pinnacle of her art as this series highlights her genius as a colorist and as a master of texture.

Bathed in luminescent light, her mesmerizing floral oeuvre seeks to appreciate the ethereal nuances of our environment and in a single moment she freezes the lush beauty of nature. A virtuoso colorist who harmoniously employs the full spectrum of the color palette, Ann Gores’s insatiable curiosity for color allows her paintings to sensitively reveal a remarkably adept portrayal of the floral kingdom. Her signature luminous palette of vibrantly orchestrated blocks of color defines her works, while lightly feathered textures intimately translate the glory and jubilant majesty of nature. It is not the tangible qualities of the floral realm that are highlighted in her paintings; it is the softly washed memories of a place. Therefore this technique allows her to seize and translate onto the canvas ephemeral moments as she invites us to inhale the beauty of the terrestrial kingdom and exhale its joy. Also renowned for her still life and landscape paintings, Ann Gores sustains a romantic and triumphant relationship with nature.

Jul 29, 2014 / 1 note

SEBASTIAN CRISTIAN MATTHEUS’s resonation of visceral colors echo throughout the canvas as he invites us on a rich cultural visual odyssey.

"Revolucion Latinoamericana"
Acrylic on Canvas 
62 63/64” x 31.5”

For Argentinean artist Sebastian Cristian Mattheus, the resonation of visceral colors echo throughout the canvas, transcending boundaries, fusing a dazzling cultural aesthetic rich in tradition and history which contributes to the emotional power of the compositions. Inviting us on a visual odyssey which celebrates cultural iconography, this gifted artist presents a unique gestural aesthetic that demonstrates his subjective interpretation of experience.

Employing an expressionist kaleidoscopic palette, Sebastian Cristian Mattheus speaks in a visual language of color that evokes a powerful tension which creates an impassioned aesthetic environment. A complex emotional dialogue results in the resounding chorus of saturated brilliant hues of cherry reds, ripened greens, and sun-kissed yellows that relay the cultural influences of his home country, Argentina. Intermingling the intersection between the past and contemporary world, Mr. Mattheus’s oeuvre includes artworks that tell the story of a geometric world inspired by the primitiveness of soft and curving lines. Sharply structured elements contrast through brilliant comparisons as the emotional hand of the artist sweeps across the canvas. Composition comes second only to the masterfully vibrant hues; particularly noted is the dominance of a red so seductive that it bleeds throughout the painting. Inspired by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, whose influences are deeply observed, Mattheus explores self-identity, nationhood, and history through his multifaceted colored artworks.

Jul 26, 2014

JACK JASPER’s semi abstract figures float in his chromatic, organic dreamscapes expressing the synchronicity between disparate elements.

Acrylic on Canvas 
52” x 38”

Contemporary painter Jack Jasper creates chromatic paintings that fill the canvas with thick layers of paint as he visually stir emotions through sensational perception. Utilizing a rigorous color palette comprised of deep, saturated hues, Mr. Jasper juxtaposes pure fields of voluminous color with semi-figurative organic shapes that abstractly float amidst the voracious backdrop of his abstract dreamscapes.

Jack Jasper is interested in expressing the natural contradictions that arise during creation, the epic journey undertaken between a body’s origin and its introduction into the universe’s total system. The artist states, “From the experience of being surrounded by the powerful presence of nature in Montana and my medical studies, I’m drawn to experimenting with combinations of elements, sometimes alluding to air, earth, fire and water. I try to represent nature’s electron dance, unfolding as a shimmering becoming—a synchronicity between disparate elements.” In his opulent paintings Mr. Jasper shows that cosmic creations are a moment of complete upheaval because disparate elements combining lack the intervention of human rationalism, a moment when the uncontrolled energies of the universe violently juxtapose. Mr. Jasper’s oversized canvases express the moment of Absolute Creation, when the dynamism of oppositions blend to create new and improved beings. Once absolute creation channels these energies into their bodily forms, chaos becomes controlled. Mr. Jasper expresses the dialectical tension of creation through his dazzling pastel color palette and dynamic brushstrokes, ranging from fluid organic lines, confetti speckles and hard-edged bursts of color all harmoniously combine in single compositions.

Jul 25, 2014

DEBRA BRANITZ’s spectral stylized clothing attire & people-based tableaux reflects dramatic perspectives with brilliant cadences of hues.

"One Does Want a Hint of Color"
Oil on Canvas 
48” x 36”

Contemporary artist Debra Branitz creates eloquent oil compositions that resonate strongly in the mind of the spectator through a mastery of interacting expressive color and controlled composition. Virtually singing with electric hues, vigorous line, and dynamic motion, her exciting huetopian oeuvre constructs a dramatic color-wheel lexicon reflecting a deep personal vision that showcases a close-up perspective on the figure or the object. Luminously focusing on the gestural complexity of the scene, her dazzling kaleidoscopic palette richly infuses the powerful paintings with a dynamic vitality as she captures the synchronatic intensity of the moment that results in emotionally expressive compositions.

Paying homage to the French Impressionists, the Neo-Classicists, and the Romantic Realists, a dramatic contemporary language of color is employed by spectral cadences of hues that are juxtaposed against strong distinctive solid backgrounds. Exploring her visually intense compositions, Debra Branitz examines the potential of color and its connection to structure and space. Not only are the colors in her tableaux reinforced by the choice of using solid backgrounds, they are also displayed with a polished surface. Gleaming royal purple, scarlet red, French rose and sky blue are among the few vivid shades of colors that are found in Ms. Branitz’s stylized clothing attire and people-based oeuvre. A zestful sophistication is demonstrated through her careful brushwork that is dexterous in either illustrating subjects that are static or in motion. Ms. Branitz’s subjects are energetically defined with volume and depth through the juxtaposition of light and shadow and her attention to lighting is powerfully translated, stating: “I love the play of light and shadow on objects which is conveyed through the medium of oils of canvas. It allows me to render my subjects in all the splendor of their color and detail.”

Jul 24, 2014

HUBERT SCHWAGER abstract paintings and sculptures explore the conceptual complexity of textures as he highlights the importance of movement.

"Nächtliche Arbeit" I 
Oil on Canvas 
Framed 15.8” x 11.8”

Motivated by the adaptability of structural elements, artist Hubert “Harry” Schwager embodies Jasper Johns in his oeuvre as he attempts to dissect the cultural hierarchies of medium through a conceptual study of the world around him.

Varying in his choices of medium, Mr. Schwager explores the complexity of textures through both paint and sculpture. His oeuvre highlights the importance of movement, visible in all his work through the sumptuous renderings of undulating lines that both penetrate and attempt to escape the canvas. Transcending the lines between intentionality and the unconscious, the thickly textured artworks translate into compositions of the subconscious, saturating the eyes with the muted colors of dreams. Truly understanding the complexities of color, Mr. Schwager employs the use of thickly layered patches of paint, creating both an abstract while at the same time figurative embodiment of the world around him. His use of materials investigates the climate of human behavior, questioning the economic sentiment of the art world through visually enticing artwork. Key to understanding the brilliant work of Mr. Schwager is the materials used, disturbing the hierarchies of medium through his adept technique and masterful creativity.

Jul 23, 2014

PETER ALLEN’s mixed media paintings are replete with dualistic imagery appropriated from the everyday world, and are imbued with imaginative surreal figures that contemplate the heart, mind and soul of contemporary society.

30 3/8” x 40 1/8”

Contemporary artist Peter Allen’s mixed media paintings and drawings are filled with dualistic imagery appropriated from the everyday world, fully imbued with imaginatively fulfilling surreal figures that contemplate the heart, mind and soul of contemporary society.

Peter Allen’s revealing subject matter is the world transfigured through the unbridled depths of the unconscious, where the imagination reigns supreme and exhorts fantastical newfound imagery too entrancing to exist in our lives. Mr. Allen’s inspiration is imagery from media, stating, “I find that it is beneficial and culturally revealing to work with found images…they seem to have the innate ability to simultaneously express banality and horror, profundity and superficiality. I am intrigued by the poetic and symbolic possibilities of visual contronyms and I collect images as “ambivalent gestures”. This ambivalence has become the central theme of my ongoing work.” He juxtaposes opposing images literally and metaphorically as he combines enlarged photographic images from various sources. After layering appropriated images, he then channels the external world through his own personal life experiences and imposes onto his artistic creations his poetry and personal photographs. His labyrinthine drawings, paintings and collages unearth the depths of the unknown, exploring how one comes to understand unfamiliar territories. An overwhelming use of muted shades creates haunting simulated images by abstracting individual characteristics to a minimal ghostly trace in the depths of the fantastical imagination. In Mr. Allen’s execution there exists a centrifugal force driving all figures to swirl and circumnavigate the peripheral boarders of his compositions. This movement breaks canvas boundaries by capturing life’s journey for eternity as a wonderful voyage filled with surreal fascination and intrigue. Peter Allens multi-media techniques combine varied brushwork and materials, through which his artwork becomes imbued with a higher meaning manifested through the abstract and figurative symbols that elucidate his powerful artworks.